Dr. Jay Grady is considered to be a leading Christian authority in the area of verbal abuse and verbally abusive relationships. He has been a positive help to hundreds of desperate victims of verbal abuse. His approach to counseling is Bible based and his style is straight forward with no punches pulled. He also believes that education is a major factor in helping “victims” become “victors” and is the author of several books, including Stop Verbal Abuse.

Dr. Jay has been in the Ministry for 45 years and pastored several churches. He is a graduate of Therapon University with a Ph.d in Christian Counseling. Other affiliations include Certified Belief Therapist and Life Coach. He has appeared numerous times on local and international television programs. Dr. Jay is a native of Texas and currently resides in Houston.

Dr. Jay’s newest book, You Are A Door Prize, Not A Doormat, that deals with verbal abuse in now available in PAPERBACK and EBOOK.

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You Are A Door Prize,
Not A Doormat

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